Our commitment
towards safety


We believe in being safe for all and safety is our top priority, that’s why we take extra-step and ensure all our driver partner goes through security checks. There is emergency assistance Icon installed on our app which will connect you to emergency authorities and it will send a message to your emergency contact along with your location details. We are here for you, Just click on contact us option in the app or on our website and we will be in touch with you. Fair-way rating, both Rider and Driver can rate each other which makes a two-way safer and enjoyable experience. You can click on the driver profile and get to know your driver better before you start your trip.

Keeping community safe during COVID-19

Each person has a personal responsibility to protect themselves, to protect loved ones and the wider community. Even if cases remain low, people still need to:

Click on below links for more information on COVID -19:

·         Department of Health     

·         World Health Organisation  

·         Homeaffairs.gov.au    

Driver Safety

Peace of mind whenever you are on road, so that you feel comfortable driving at any time of day or night following features are provided with in your app:

  • Emergency Assistance Button - Connect you to "000" to get help if needed. The app displays you details and location that you can share with emergency services.
  • A Safer Experience - The app is designed to help you stay connected with your loved ones by sending one touch SOS to your family or friend
  • Share My Ride - Your loved ones can track you and follow you on route.
  • Fair Ratings - You matter and so is your feedback. Users may be removed to protect you if continuous Low-rated trips are logged in by drivers. Your safety is matters to us.
  • Call Masking - Your phone number will not display to rider if you need to contact rider through app
  • GPS Tracking - All live rides are tracked from start to finish.


      Safety Tips

      Local laws and advice from law enforcement officials offer ways to encourage and implement safe environment. Always abide by state law and state road rules and regulations. Driver-partners are always expected to follow these. This includes (but not limited):

      • Speed limits and adjusting your vehicle speed according to weather and road conditions.

      • Always wear your seat belt and ensure riders have got their seat belts clipped in too.
      • Complying with all road rules/regulations and traffic signage
      • Use a phone mount to keep your phone at one place
      • Do not drive under the influence of any drug or alcohol, some medications may affect your driving, please consult your doctor about your medications before driving
      • Manage your fatigue
      • Find a safe and appropriate spot to pick up and drop off rider
      • Ensure your Vehicle has come to complete stop before letting riders in or out of your vehicle
      • If you need to wait for your rider, be aware of your surroundings and keep doors of your vehicle closed, until they arrive
      • Encourage rider/s to enter and exit from the kerb side, away from traffic where possible
      • Ensure that riders have entered the vehicle completely, closed all doors and have buckled up their seat belts before starting the ride
      • Be respectful regardless of differences in culture, language, religion, accents, gender and speech patterns, treat riders with dignity and respect


      Rider Safety

      Enjoy your ride with confidence

      All our drivers go through multiple checks and screening process, which include their Driving history and criminal background, before they are approved to drive with CABme.

      • Live GPS tracking - You can track your driver through the app and see the location and ETA on the app, you also get a notification when the driver arrives at your pickup location.
      • You can share your trip with your listed emergency contact, and you can add up-to 5 contacts in your emergency contact list.
      • Emergency SOS icon - In the unlikely event of incident you can press this icon and it will send your emergency contact a message with your location and also connect you to "000" , we also recommend that you also use your mobile directly to connect with local Authorities.
      • Fair ratings - Your experience matter and so is your feedback. Drivers may be removed to protect you and other riders if continuous Low-rated trips are logged in. 
      • Vehicle Inspection and Safety Measures - Our Driver Partners go through Police check and their cars meet Transport point to point requirements.




      Safety Tips

      • Always ensure you are at a safe spot for driver to pick you up.  Do not ask driver to stop in unsafe place and always try to enter and exit from the Kerb side.
      • Always wear your seat belt when riding in vehicle
      • Do not stand / alight at Red Light or crossing when waiting or getting off the vehicle.
      • Always check Vehicle Registration Number, Car Make and Model and   driver photo before starting the ride with Driver Partner    



      Other Checks:
      • Every vehicle is annually inspected to ensure safety to drive on roads
      • Drivers are continuously reminded by inbuild app feature if they exceed speed limit on roads
      • Driver hours are automatically locked out when they reach max number of hours allowed to drive continuously in a day to provide a safer environment to everyone