Community Guidelines

Koogle’ s Fair Treatment and Respect Policy Drivers & Riders


Driver or Rider, we should all always feel safe and welcome. That’s why discrimination of any sort is not tolerated. Be respectful regardless of differences in culture, language, religion, accents, gender and speech patterns, disability, age, colour, marital status, national origin, race, sex or sexual orientation, treat each other with dignity and respect.

Inappropriate behaviour, Physical Contact, and sexual assault

Hitting, hurting, or intending to hurt anyone is never allowed. Everyone is expected to always respect each other’s personal space and privacy. Below are some examples of inappropriate behaviours, but is not limited to:

  1. Do not touch or flirt with anyone while you are working

  2. Do not make comments or behave inappropriately that can make the other person uncomfortable such as, whistling, nudging, winking and sexual gestures

  3. Be always professional to avoid awkward situation as certain conversations may seem harmless but could be perceived as offensive by other party

  4. Do not ask unrelated personal questions about the other person

  5. Avoid discussing or commenting on your own or other person’s sexual life

  6. Sexual assault or sexual harassment or sexual misconduct of any kind is prohibited

  7. Threatening, rude, disrespectful, aggressive, confrontational, and harassing behaviour is not allowed

  8. Remain calm, don’t lose temper to avoid any argument

  9. Speak clearly for passenger to understand

  10. Don’t take any insults or offensive language seriously.

Zero Tolerance for Drugs & Alcohol

  1. Koogle does not tolerate the use of drugs or alcohol by drivers while using the platform.

  2. What leads to deactivation? Anyone that drives on the platform having used. drugs or alcohol will have their account deactivated. Koogle may also deactivate the account of a driver who receives several unconfirmed complaints of drug or alcohol use.

Use of dash cams that record video and/or audio

Depending on your local laws and regulations, drivers may choose to install and use a dashcam, which can be used to record rides and provide evidence to Koogle, law enforcement, or insurance companies in the event that something goes wrong on a ride. Please note the following:

  1. Riders entering a rideshare vehicle with a dashcam may be concerned about how the video, their image, or conversations captured by a dashcam will be used. In some locations, local laws and regulations require that a rider provide consent to being recorded. Please check your local laws to understand your responsibilities.

  2. Drivers may submit recordings to Koogle at their discretion and subject to local laws and regulations. Koogle will review submitted footage and take all action consistent with the Community Guidelines and platform terms of use.

  3. Sharing or streaming a person's image or audio or video recording on social media or in other digital or physical public locations is a violation of our Community Guidelines and may prompt further investigation by our safety teams.