Koogle Your Way From Here to Everywhere.

Whether you’re going about your day, or rushing off for a big meeting — you’ll need a ride that gets you there quickly and affordably. With Koogle, you’ll be connected to our trusted network of local driver partners, who can help you meet your transport needs with ease.

No matter where you’re heading, just whip out your phone and get there with Koogle.

Everyday Rides, Everytime

There’s no telling when plans change, or if you urgently need to get somewhere without having to wait around for a cab. Koogle rides are low cost and convenient - simply sign up, key in your destination, and we’ll send you a ride.

Extra Room for Airport Rides

A bit of additional space goes a long way, when it comes to rides to the airport or when you need a ride as a group. With SUV bookings available from among our fleet of driver partners, you’ll get all the extra space you need to travel right.

Easy Riding to Every Meeting

There’s only so much time to spare, when it comes to meeting busy work schedules. Free up your time to catch up on correspondences, and leave it up to our professional network of driver partners to take you from one meeting to the next.

Why Koogle?

Rideshare options present the best value and convenience, especially for every day commuters looking for an effective, cost-friendly way to get from point A to B. With Koogle, we’ve developed our own smart network of local driver partners who can provide you with a convenient ride, no matter where you’re headed.

Using our network’s ability to aggregate available resources and operators, Koogle is always able to ensure that all added value and cost savings incentives are carried on for our customers to enjoy.

A Ride for Every Budget

Whether you’d like to get there cheap or in style, Koogle connects you to a wide variety of ride options. From Sedans to SUVs and luxury cars, we’ve got a ride ready for any occasion and budget.

Get There Safely Every Time

We operate an extensive, trusted network of local driver partners who are verified and registered by our team members at Koogle. Our platform also features an emergency alert button, and live ride tracking functions to ensure that every customer gets where they want to go, safely and comfortably.

Travel Affordably, or Travel Quickly?

Koogle provides a smart rideshare platform that lets our customers enjoy the perfect ride, depending on what they prioritise more: an affordable rideshare option that they can safely share with other users, or an express option that gets you there quickly and effectively.

Easy Riding in the Palm of Your Hand

Go contactless and cashless, whenever you book a ride on Koogle. Our platform makes contactless transactions easy, so all you need to do is tell us where you want to go, and pay digitally with your linked bank account.